Guest Mechanical Pencil

With its large A.B.S. barrel it is clear, The Guest Mechanical Pencil has been designed specifically with overprinting in mind. Because of its low cost it is an excellent replacement for the-more traditional wooden pencil where the written message may need to be erased or where the click-action of a pen would not be acceptable in environments such as libraries, seminars or training rooms. It is fully compliant with current safety regulations and comes with a 0.7mm diameter HB lead, as standard. The Guest Mechanical Pencil, with inbuilt eraser, operates on a quiet push-button mechanism and has generous print areas on the barrel and clip allowing us to offer printing in up to 6 spot-colours matched to your requirements. This cost-effective pencil can be supplied with a range of optional presentation packaging, including high visibility pen pots to display at your next corporate event.